Out of Home (DOOH) Advertising

Digital Out of Home
(DOOH) Advertising


CereOne’s DOOH ads are designed to give your brand the edge you need outside the confines of the internet. These ads help you reach relevant audiences, cap the frequency of your ads and extend your campaigns to other connected devices, based on audience exposure.

Thanks to our partner platforms, CereOne has access to DOOH supply across premium residential complexes, airports, commercial complexes, high streets, malls & gyms. Essentially, you can now stay connected with your audiences outside their homes to serve them better.

With our DOOH services on your side, your brand can deliver contextually relevant ads to the RIGHT audience - at the RIGHT time, allowing you to ensure that your audience sees them at moments you need them to. In addition to this, you can also use real-time triggers such as weather or traffic conditions to display your ads.